Introduction of meat parts

Introduction of meat parts

Kalbi, halami, liver, and so on are standard items at yakiniku restaurants. You may know the names, but not many people can explain what kind of parts they are.


At our restaurant, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes from standard to rare parts of the meat.



Beef tongue. The base of the tongue (tan moto) is a tender, fatty, marbled part of the tongue.

shoulder roast (e.g. of lamb)


The beginning of the loin, from the shoulder to the back.
The meat is tender and fine-grained. The meat is easily sinewy and has a good balance of redness and fat content.
You can taste the depth of flavor that is typical of beef.

rib roast


Back meat. It is the finest of the loin and is easily sinewy.
It is tender and has a rich fatty flavor.



The part of the cow located at the loin.
It is one of the best parts of beef, second only to the fillet in terms of tenderness and fineness, and has a deliciously fine fat content.
It is characterized by its tenderness, sweetness, and juicy marbling.

Kalbi (Ribs)


Kalbi" is Korean for "meat between the rib bones.
The parts are further subdivided into shoulder ribs, middle ribs, outer ribs, and so on.
It has a rich flavor and is easy to savor. You can enjoy the umami (sweetness) and aroma of the fat.

Filet (fillet)


The meat on the underside of the sirloin. In Kansai, it is called "Hele" (trivia knowledge).
Because it is the part of the meat that uses almost no muscle, it is the most tender, fine-grained, and almost free of fat and muscle.
Fillets account for approximately 3% of a cow.
Chateaubriand, known as the finest part, is a kind of fillet and the most tender part.



A large lean area from the waist to the buttocks.
The meat is fine and tender. It is moderately sinewy, but the fat is not peculiar.
It is a valuable part of lean meat.

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